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About Us

Here at Select Brands we work hard and have fun!

we are Consumer Driven

The customer is the core of our business and drives our daily decisions. Select Brands, Inc strives to satisfy our consumer by offering quality products with added value, while maintaining an exemplary level of service. Through our deep commitment to deliver results and develop an understanding of our customers, Select Brands, Inc works to improve the lives of consumers in the kitchen and at home.

we have a commitment to teamwork

Select Brands, Inc adheres to the philosophy that a company is built by its team of employees. Ultimately, the relationships we build become more important and are more sustainable than any other aspect of our business. Teamwork is one of our greatest assets, and we work together to add value to our business. We have built a foundation of trust by recognizing the contributions of others, while constantly developing ourselves. We also maintain a continuous desire to improve and encourage a spirit of uniqueness.

we have passion for the product

Our team has an incredible passion for the product development process. Every detail at every stage is analyzed to ensure we are providing the best products. Our goal is to develop a better product, built to our specifications, to provide the highest quality and performance to the consumer. Our enthusiasm for the products allows us to deliver what we promise and meet the challenges we are presented.

we focus on speed in the marketplace

The speed and flexibility of Select Brands, Inc allows our company to thrive in a constantly changing environment. Our streamlined product development and decision making process accelerate our speed to market, providing a competitive advantage. The ability to adjust quickly creates unique opportunities and adds value to our business.